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ISSN: 2321-9114, ICV 2016: 79.57

American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products

2021, Vol. 9 Issue 2, Part A

Natural vs. Novel Cannabinoids

AUTHOR(S): Alec Anderson and Jillian Thayer
ABSTRACT:Cannabis has been cultivated and used for millennia by the human race. The original medicinal and industrial uses of cannabis were almost forgotten during the vilification during the early 20th century. However, with renewed focus, interest, and tolerance, this species has found itself in the limelight of its original purpose. Cannabinoids have become a staple in modern holistic medicine and have even found mainstream medicinal applications. Confusion has arisen over the classification of its primary compounds, cannabinoids, as well as to the presence of similar compounds in other plant species. Novel cannabinoids produced legitimately by researchers or illicitly by clandestine chemists have only added to this issue and furthered the need for unification not only in understanding, but also in terminology. This review seeks to define critical terms for cannabinoid chemistry as well provide an introduction to the variety of compounds.
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Alec Anderson, Jillian Thayer. Natural vs. Novel Cannabinoids. Am J Essent Oil Nat Prod 2021;9(2):15-23.

American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products
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